Shatin Inn

August 31, 2016

What to say, don’t want to remember but can’t forget my UK boss took us here after site (just down the hill) visit for lunch and drinks. It was 1983.





Back view

August 30, 2016

I have taken a lot of pictures like this from behind.   He’s not that tall really it’s just the angle of this shot.

17 months ago

June 12, 2016

My Tesla was delivered December 2014 after 17 months I have this unboxed in June this year.


I also sold the 3 phase new wall connector so I don’t have to keep them in the office.


Not guilty

February 8, 2015

It was 2013, we rented a Prius for summer holiday in Japan. We used it for 4 days and I had to pay only HK$2xx upon returning the car. We didn’t travel far but during the 4 days we must have spent couple of hours each day in the car, I was shocked how cheap fuel cost was in a hybrid.


Since that day I have to use my own car for work, didn’t bother much as my fuel cost was compensated (not fully) by my employer. However with the Prius experience I feel guilty every time I glide downhill, why didn’t I capture the potential energy?

Then from January 2013 I started tracking my fuel consumption. I traveled 40,960km, spent $65,484 on gas, average ownership cost/day was $207 which was almost double of average fuel cost. Other costs such as insurance, toll, license and maintenance are pretty expensive. On average I drove 68km each day.

I don’t want to feel guilty so I went full electric from December 2014.