My old PC re-born again

October 9, 2006

The old PC I mentioned here failed to boot recently. My hardware guy in the office said that could be a power supply or motherboard problem. To avoid curing one illness at a time I decided to have a new case together with a new motherboard and power supply. To my surprise this sort of thing is still available in the market for such an old system.

This is the final shape of my ‘old’ PC.

  1. Motherboard 2themax with mini case and power supply (US$110)
  2. Seagate 160G HDD (US$60)
  3. PC266 512Mb RAM x 2 pieces by Kingston (US$97)
  4. Lite-On DVD writer (US$50)

One may argue that it would be better off buying a brand new PC for all that money I have spent so far. What’s left from my old system are only a 40Gb HDD and the CPU (P4 at 1.6GHz)

PS: it’s a routine now I have to repeat below tasks

  1. All necessary windows updates such as SP1 and SP2
  2. Install Office, I’m trying 2007 beta 2
  3. Install IE7 RC1
  4. Install FileZilla, best FTP tool
  5. Install MozBackup such that I could copy setting across from another notebook that I’m using.
  6. Install xampp such that I could continue developing theme and learn php in this PC.
  7. Install iTune
  8. Install PSpad, the best text editor I know
  9. Acrobat Reader latest version

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