Theory of ‘the opposite’

November 9, 2006

To solve complicated issues you simply have to resolve it to simple matters. In my life experience I have learnt that people made mistakes because they have “started on the wrong foot” or sometime the wrong direction. This is a simple and naive theory, try this

  • To start learning computer, switching it off first;
  • If you want your kids to listen to you, stop talking (or shouting in most cases) start listening back;
  • To earn respect (inward) firstly you must respect others (outward);
  • To win, learn to be a loser
  • To climb, learn how to fall
  • Best learning is to teach
  • If you want to see, close your eyes use your heart to feel
  • If you want to hear, shut your ears(‘cos words are cheap) use your eyes to judge (behavior)
  • If you want to lock-in your customers, open it up for them to choose
  • If you wanna be happy, don’t get rich

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