EMBA Conference

November 22, 2006

The EMBA Conference I went to last Saturday 25th was an exceptionally good one.

The one by Hon Audrey Eu is very good. Her tone English and feeling were so perfect that I thought I was listening to a recording. It was so beautiful that I lost focus and don’t remember what she said now.

The one by Dr Wong is quite alarming. A lot of us are actually within that 75% of mentally unhealthy group. How do we know really? Most of us don’t understand our own self which is the main issue how do we bring up our next generation? Check out the ICAN website for more details.

Dr William Fung’s speech was very entertaining. I like his sense of humor and can’t believe that Li & Fung is an accidental empire. It’s also hard to believe that such a large family owned business (market cap of US$10billion) practices meritocracy.

The last, certainly not least, was John Wood founder and CEO of ROOM TO READ. I admire him naturally as I simply don’t have the guts in my DNA to do brave undertaking like that. May be it’s what Dr Wong said, it is value->perception->emotion->behavior. An average Chinese would still like to help the kids and fight literacy but they probably don’t have the DNA to quit a nice job at 35 to “Change the World”.

I nearly have missed this one as I had to rush off early for Mahler No 3 by the Philharmonic. I did stay until the end and rushed outside for his book Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.


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