New Look

November 29, 2006

Pretty dark isn’t it? No need to turn on lights I hope.

This is a new look called [tag]Sunset[/tag] which is truly mine. I have been WordPressing for more than a year now and this is my first [tag]theme[/tag]/template. The image you see above is also mine.

You don’t see theme switcher now on the sidebar. The 4 other themes that I have tweaked using sidebar codes from NewZen is no longer my favorite as codes from dhtmlgoodies is better. E.g. you could click open and close any of the sidebar groups. Which one to slide open on page load is also programmable. It uses just one javascript file and the codes are very clean. The only downside as far as I can see so far is that if your computer is slow then the slide open speed is noticeably slower. Firefox uses upto 40% of CPU’s time in my DELL D600 while I click open a group.

PS: download is available at this page.


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