Ajax and jQuery

April 27, 2007

I was playing with a dead-easy for beginners ajax script from here. I was thinking what if I could easily integrate this into the sidebar or with plugins in Habari. I like short and expendable sidebar, never liked long one that I have to scroll down to find/read things.

The GET and POST method was dead-easy to play with and integrating it in Habari was also straight forward but once I tried manipulating objects and functions of Habari I found it difficult. That proves how little I know about the core.

The Wiki of course is a good teacher and the Workflow tells me how it runs. That’s not the full story and I’m still a bit confused how pages are rendered by the browser. From the user group geeks there told me the magic about __autoload function which instantiates classes on demand.

That’s all fine but integrating it with habari core methods is still too hard to me. Owen gave me a ‘not for dummies’ quick tutorial on a way to integrate Ajax in Habari via a plugin. Further reading reveals that the best is to understand jQuery which is already in the Habari package.

There is a lot to learn which could be fun. My javascript has been rusted for years or I never knew any of it. I do have a dummies book at home which is almost new perhaps it’s about time to uncover it.


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