Ajaxified Expand Post NOW

April 30, 2007

Testing this plugin by Weng.    It’s nice but I see a problem when this is used with UTW.    I have the UTW tags repeated because WP sees end of post and added tags to it and when post is expanded tags are added again?

This is text that you’ll see when post is expanded…..but I’m wrapped between UTW tags, what can I do with that?


One Response to “Ajaxified Expand Post NOW”

  1. I ran into a similar problem using the Ajaxified Expand Post NOW Plugin with Rob Miller’s Footnotes Plugin. Basically, the footnotes for any references made before the fold are displayed twice when the post is expanded. I’ve written up how to fix this:


    While I haven’t used AEPN with UTW, I imagine that the fix is the same. You have to force UTW to display tags only for single pages, and to do nothing when a post is displayed as part of a collection. Note that when AEPN expands a post, it is treated as a single page, even if that post is appearing on a page with other posts.

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