Management is about…

July 18, 2007

Management is about people, very few would deny this.    When it’s about managing people it’s about preaching, so management is about preaching.

I was talking a friend who recently joined a large Japanese corporation.    He based in Beijing reporting to his boss, who is American, based in USA.    His boss reports to someone in Japan.    It’s a mix of cultures.

Obviously I can’t describe exactly what his dilemmas are but his situation is more or less like everyone believes in one God but they are all of different religion.     How do you preach people around you in this case?

Last night at a dinner gathering I mentioned my belief again, i.e. learning to manage is like going to church.     One has to be reminded about basic principles in life from time to time such that one doesn’t get lost.    If you believe in one religion and in order to manage effectively it’s a matter of preaching others to follow you.    If you have enough followers at work you are a good Manager.


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