Old fashion school

October 21, 2007

One school we went last week has stood out from the rest we have seen so far. Their way of organizing interview was traditional, old fashion and unbelievable in 21st century.

We waited in the hall which was OK then a group of 3 were taken to a room where the kids could spend 10 minutes playing with some toys. Then kid was taken to the headmaster’s room just next door with parents outside.

My boy didn’t perform, he nearly fell a sleep on the sofa. My boy was asked to sing a song and to tell what words he could write! Lucky that he refused to perform!

While waiting I noticed in that waiting room there were some computing equipment stored. Those things were like museum collections. A Compaq notebook of nearly 4 inches thick! Perhaps they use those for a class about history of computing.

Among all others that we are bidding for this one demands for lowest tuition fee, no wonder!


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