Day 2

October 24, 2007

Pretty comfortable at command line now but still a lot to learn. I could type pretty fast that is helping.

Yesterday I wrongly checked out the ‘trunk’ folder in the folder I want set up for WP. This checkout command here isn’t quite correct. So I learnt how to remove the entire wrong folder with content in it. I used rm -rf to get rid of the entire folder with subfolders and content.

Last night I have phpmyadmin working as well then I created a database for my trial Habari install. The checkout command from Habari wiki is a lot better the ‘dot’ at the end makes the difference.

I haven’t done one fresh install for months so it was nice to see improvement at it. The Ajax thing stopped me and I had to amend the apache2 conf file to make it work.

BTW, the chmod g+w suggested in wiki didn’t work I have to make it ‘777’ to complete the install.


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