Saving RAM

November 6, 2007

There is a good article in VPSLink’s Wiki to follow in order to optimize Apache and MySQL to fit small VPS plans.

In particular there is an article referenced which tells me more about how Apache works.

I followed recommendations in this article because I’m having a Link-2 plan. Below is output of ‘top’ after my first optimization.

Picture 1.png

To compare RAM used by Apache:

  • before = 41%
  • after = 8.4%

RAM used by MySQL:

  • before = 8.5%
  • after = 5.8%

Total RAM used:

  • before = 85.7Mb
  • after = 38.9Mb

Of course as recorded above was only memory used right after a Apache restart. During actual running there’ll be 5 instances (PS: nearly 59% of memory used) of Apache instead of initially 2.


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