Free memory after LAMP and trouble with DNS

November 13, 2007

LAMP was installed and ran free -m I got

total = 256
used = 239
free = 16
buffers = 5
cached = 177
total swap = 511
free swap = 511

I’m looking for a good howto in order to use nginx as frontend and Apache2 as backend.

I picked Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 and after reading this article I might just rebuild it to 6.06. I won’t be doing anything fancy so may be security and stability are my best friends.

I had a little trouble yesterday when transferring my new domain name to Slicehost. I followed the good article here of course but I wrongly read the part about creating records for all 3 nameservers for NS entry. I created 3 A records for 3 nameservers. My shout for help didn’t get heard in the forum so I emailed support who showed me the right way.

To check the domain name is pointing to the right DNS do this



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