Modified K2 theme is back on

January 14, 2008

Owen virtually wrote a wiki page to explain how Theme calls have changed recently that broke my modified K2 theme. I have something to work on which is meaningful. For a few weeks I have been busy at work and there wasn’t anything urgent after work on computer stuff. I have sorted out my slice, too lazy to do further optimization since traffic hasn’t been high, found no motivation to do new themes on Habari.

First move tonight was setting the environment on Vista. I used to have my Vista PC at work and running Habari in XAMPP under Vista was a known issue. Today I was lucky as I got Habari installed within 5 minutes and the issue on loading plugin page in admin has gone! Next was Tortoise the SVN client I use for Windows. I checked out the latest r1276 and naturally put my modified K2 theme in it for another test. It didn’t work as expected.

I then changed only at line 15 of header.php from Theme::header() to $theme->header(). I must be lucky today the theme worked?

There you are the theme is almost untouched except that line in header.php and it’s working. I’ll still be following Owen’s wiki to modify my custom theme functions as a practice.


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