Connections – update

January 29, 2008

One of the Habari user wrote to me asking for my modified version of Connections theme ported to Habari. I took Harris’ latest version which is now at 0.1 and tweaked from there. What more have I done?

  • Font change for post-title and post-date, I just don’t like italic there
  • I have disabled the current page display at the page navigation, you won’t click the link for the current page right?
  • Theme functions to show entries ‘Recent 2 weeks’, ‘1 Year Ago’, ‘2 Years Ago’ and ‘3 Years Ago’ are added back. These are still experimental using old trick $theme->my_silly_function() rather than function filter_theme_call_my_silly_function() as I don’t quite get what Owen taught me to do
  • Slight change at the first box for user login. Before you are logged in the box shows ‘Login here’, once you are logged in it’ll show ‘Hi username

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