Why learn/use Linux

March 17, 2008

Read this interesting article about ‘the REAL reason we use Linux’. Can’t agree more in my case, being a newbie with only a few months with Linux, I will add using his paragraph titles

because it’s fun

I say pain is part of fun so it’s all fun I would say. I broke *buntu a dozen of times and reinstalled them, that was fun. I have tried more than a dozens of different distros and alpha’s of ubuntu…and pretty comfortable with command line because I can type fast. You’ll know what I mean if you have installed XP or upgraded to Vista before, that’s real pain.

it’s fun to use the command line

If you know what to type and type it correctly of course. If you don’t know what to enter at command line, google it, you’ll find answers in no time. I was pretty good at Windows cmd prior to version 3.1. It was Microsoft’s cunning plan to spoil us with GUI only. With fun taken away and fund in their pocket.

Linux gives you complete control

I haven’t learnt everything I should yet and I’m not yet in complete control. If I lost control I could start again.

Linux isn’t widely used

It’s cool I’m a Linux user and I know what sudo means.

Linux is free

I have no sense of guilty using it.


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