WXR upload failure

March 26, 2008

I have done this a number of times don’t know why suddenly it doesn’t work. Thanks again Site5‘s good support I have renamed my prime account name there such that I could move couple of subdomain WP sites to my new server. Renaming of the prime account name was done within minutes then it was pretty easy creating CNAME records and switching DNS at the domain registrar.

I have been using WordPress svn copy for my sites. The WXR upload failed on me. I thought that was write permission problem so I chmod 777 . the wp-content directory to make it work. It failed again.

WXR import failed

I also found that theme files are not writable so I did chmod -R 777 . again making sure it changes access permissions recursively to all files and directories. I could now update theme files but importing of WXR file is still not possible.

Both svn and stable release 2.3.3 have been tried. I don’t know what else could be done apart from using MySql dump, change url reference and MySql import. I have shouted for help at WP’s forum but so far heard nothing.


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