31k this week

September 12, 2010

This is a record I have done 31.6k in 7 days.    The 10k today is my third one earlier records are appended at the end.   Today my aim is pace control and I found stride rate of 160 is best to get me within green zone.    Pace wasn’t my concern and my next target will also be training on time, perhaps 90 minutes next Sunday.

Earlier 10k records

  1. 8 November 2009 time 69:58 A/MHR 161/174
  2. 19 November 2009 time 68:34 A/MHR 162/177

Nike+ 10k (edited) time 1:21:34 pace 8:09 A/MHR 152/161 score 70%


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