Taxi fare saved

November 8, 2010

When I was only capable of running 6-8k I would normally have a relax walk to the Central end of Bowen trail and take a taxi home from there. Now I can comfortably run 10k every Sunday so I just run the Bowen trail twice, which is 8k, then a bit on the Tai Hang Road to make up 10~11k. The trouble with running on the road with traffic is that I can’t really enjoy the music while running.

It will be pretty boring when I do more than 15k, i.e. 3~4 repeats of Bowen trail. I’m looking for a scenic trail/route to run which isn’t too noisy, it’s hard to find one here.

Nike+ 11.41k time 78:26 pace 6:52 A/MHR 157/167 score 70%


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