Garmin firmware update

March 6, 2011

I saw this


after I signed into connect.garmin I was taken to a page which asked me to download WebUpdater. The instruction says I need to connect my Garmin to my computer but hey there isn’t any cable connection available for this model of Garmin?!

I then googled this and found in fact firmware update should be done wirelessly via ANT+ agent, their site is in fact at their buy.gamin.

The Garmin was acting strangely (or it could be me) during a run on 27th I had a HR spike upto 185, that happened momentarily and it went back to normally in 53 seconds. HR spike isn’t unusual for miCoach but so far Garmin’s HR charts show pretty stable reading maybe that is due to different sample rate or averaging algorithm.

I ran again on 4th HR was normal and stable (ave 156 max 163) then it was run cadence see below, I have not seen anything like this before


Today when I put it on at home I saw 0% battery, wasn’t it showing 77% last night when I looked at it? Never mind it was 7am in the morning and it won’t be easy for me to sleep again. This run maybe the opportunity to test out Garmin’s battery endurance, worse scenario is losing my run data, no big deal. When I hit the road the watch rebooted itself twice I insisted that the watch should run with me today.

I heard the watch beeped a few “low battery” along the way but otherwise everything looks normal until the end of my run. I saw scary reading like 180 and up, I slowed and walked then stopped the run. I didn’t feel anything special no “short of breath” no nothing.


Is it the watch or me?


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