New Toy

March 15, 2011

Do I need this new toy, no I don’t, I know!

The earlier model I bought in September 2009 was perfectly OK for me if I don’t use it for work. It’s a waste isn’t it if I don’t maximize the use of it so I poured in more money for VMWare Fusion 3 such that I could run my genuine copy of Windows 7. I’m not that sort of people owning 10 race cars under dust cover and only drive one of them every Sunday morning.

The old model allows me to allocate only 1.2G RAM to the VM out of the 4G RAM available in the MBP. Normally my browsers and other things such as iPhoto and iTunes are running in OS X, you bet right I have other Apple gadgets such as iPhone (4 and 3GS). Most of the time during the day 95-99% of RAM will be used up as I have browsers running all the time. Memory leaks of browsers maybe to blame.

Now this is the top model of the latest MBP 13″ with 512G SSD, financial secretary recently announced that I’ll have $6,000 cash plus another $6,000 tax rebate so that is good enough for $9,340 (500G HDD to 512G SSD) and 4G more RAM ($1,560).

The migration wasn’t as smooth as I thought. First attempt a network cable was used, it failed after awhile. I don’t have a suitable firewire800 cable so I had to restore from my time machine using Migration Assistance. That went well and it took just under 2 hours with around 240Gb restored. After that I had to do the following again which is good security measures

  • Authorize computer in iTunes
  • Enter billing information for my Apple ID
  • Activate Windows 7

Now I could allocate 1.5G RAM to my Windows 7 VM and it’s a lot smoother and responsive now.

The only thing so far I don’t like is that the fan appears to be noisier than the earlier model, I just hope that it won’t cut in a lot.

Last but certainly not least I prepared my old toy following this getting it ready for a new owner.


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