Music playing will never be the same again

May 26, 2011

I played a bit of folk guitar and put lots of effort on classical guitar when I was young. My guitars are still sleeping “with” me at night.

My folk guitar wasn’t a cheap one but I don’t see this brand anymore in shops. It was a huge investment for our brothers at the time. Our dream was however an Ovation guitar something only rich guys can afford. An Ovation has a round back and it’s so distinguishable to the girls. Once my younger brother borrowed one from a friend so I carried that (with a heavy hard case) wherever I go, even hiking and camping, I can’t image anyone would carry a musical instrument in a hard case to country park these days.

We saw people camping when we passed by Long Ke Beach the other day. I wonder what the teenagers do while camping these days at a place where there is no 3G reception. Perhaps they could play computer games, chess, counting stars, debate philosophical conjectures? May be they don’t need to bring any instruments in a hard case and jam a few songs using iPad?

Whether you have studied or played any instruments you have to watch the video below. Learning to play an instrument (the goal is the same: make good music isn’t it?) will never be the same in 21st century.

Turn your speakers on loud, enjoy!


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