Fixed line again

May 28, 2011

I determined to find something more rewarding to do 3 years ago so I terminated the fixed line broadband service at home. I used a wireless router instead. I was still learning to manage my own VPS at that time.

Now I have better things like cello practice to do getting online just isn’t attractive anymore, further, this summer I plan to run as soon as the sun comes out on weekdays.

In fact I have been waiting for this provider to cover the building I’m in. Installation is now done I’m their first customer in this building.

Just installed and tested this model DIR-618 wireless router.

How about speed, via the router to my MBP

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.29.22 PM

at my phone


They guarantee a speed of 100 Mbps which is for a wired connection to their fiber modem.


One Response to “Fixed line again”

  1. SKII Says:

    someone told me that “this provider”‘s line is really fast.

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