Gold Coast

March 12, 2012

To me it was quite an achievement running to Gold Coast from Tsuen Wan on the beautiful route along the West Coast of Kowloon.

Last Saturday we did it again with Oliver. It was his first time on that route and he’s much faster than me.

Records below say improvement is noticeable.

10 March 2012, 13.89k, 1:29:36
3 Dec 2011, 13.68k, 1:26:57
31 July 2011, 13.63k, time 1:42:02
23 April 2011, 13.49k, time 1:40:05
23 Jan 2011, 13.46k, time 1:39:50
16 Jan 2011, 13.36k, time 1:41:48
20 Nov 2010, 13.64k, time 1:47:33

On a good day I could probably slash few more minutes.

Next goal, Gold Coast and back!


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