Can’t resist this

March 9, 2013

I got the last one 31 months ago.

I’m still comfortable with iPhone 4 the only downsides are (1) it’s getting a bit slow as the phone got filled to the top (2) my music library has grown to such a size that it’s hard for me to decide what tracks can’t stay.

Now I have below with 64G so all my tracks are with me while I run.


Just few weeks ago I also bought a Samsung SIII mini with a SIM provided by employer, I have my voice calls directed to this. I’m still trying to get used to Android 4.1.2 especially the keyboard. I do find Google’s navigation app using voice command very handy when I need direction.

So far the Samsung battery is pretty bad, worse than the near 3 years old iPhone 4, and I have to charge while I drive.



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