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September 21, 2014






Rome – Italy

September 18, 2014





Running watch

September 15, 2014

This is my 3rd running watch, Echo is dead after 9 months and I’m so used to running with a watch. My elder brother has one, I’m pretty confident Pebble will be good.

I started with it Saturday, went for a run Sunday morning as of now it’s being used as everyday watch. I think the first full charge will probably last until mid day tomorrow.


As it’s connected to my iPhone 5S all the time I just need to turn on the iSmoothRun app in Pebble before my run. There is no connecting to do like the Echo watch. Apparently there is no need to kill the app in Pebble while I’m not running. The Echo watch is slightly better in control as buttons are mapped for music control and run start/stop.

Pebble is water resistant to 5 atmosphere it must be better than Echo.

Echo is certified dead

September 9, 2014

With the new battery it didn’t last my Sunday run. I suspected that it got moisture in it so I put it right on top of a dehumidifier. Tried another battery it didn’t boot, certified dead.

From the autopsy I saw moisture marks but there isn’t a lot, the battery got a little warm as well, I don’t see any burn mark or rust on metal parts. If you see this post and are still owning a healthy Echo watch please keep your watch away from water. The water seal rings look a bit flimsy and it wasn’t designed to repel water. I never put it under water I washed away sweat by running water a few times.


The residual value of my investment is now the heart rate belt. Although the workmanship of the belt is unsatisfactory, as the sharp edge cuts my skin, but so far it’s working fine.